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DAK is respected world wide as a leader in RC tank combat.  Battle scenarios, comparable scratch builds, “tank olympics”, custom conversion parts, and similar battlefield projects are showing up internationally and we are proud to be noticed.  Our success is in our membership.  We have a diverse and tight knit group that can’t be beat!

Our next event, is TBA. 

As the WW2 timeline goes, the war is over and it is time to enjoy some post war vehicles as we entertain the idea of Cold War tanks and the Mid East wars and even some “1946” designs.

Building improvement continues with a new crop of plywood and cardboard structures.  The FRAG-WSD guys have introduced their portable Die Cut cardboard temporary buildings and new member Kris Brown is a general contractor after all.

The field is maturing and many elements are reaching the potential we hoped to see some years back. Our tanks traps and ditches are really working to make each battle scenario more challenging and worth the effort.  Next wrinkle--- The BAZOOKA!  That new electronics packages that can act as the “Objective” of any battle scenario.  They take hits and flash lights.

DAK is expanding its membership and award winning arsenal.  We have over 100 working tanks and at least a dozen more under construction.  The leadership’s 1/35 scale work and 1/16 Tiger 131 have been featured in Fine Scale Modeler Magazine, In November 2012, the  “JUMBO” M4A3E2 picked up a silver in the armor conversion category at IPMS Modelzona in Mesa and club XO Craig Pierce netted 9 medals for his static work! 

Current DAK projects include new Tamiya type 10, JS-2s, SturmTigers KV-122, Panther F, Ersatz Panther, PZ III and PZ IVs, 3 KTs, Hooben Elephants, M10/M18/M36 tank destroyers and a Stug III and Stug IV. Recently finished vehicles include a Japanese Type 3, KV-1 and KV-2s, and a T34/76 1943.  Look for a plethora of Elephant and T55 madness in upcoming months and our one of a kind M1A2 SEP/ TUSK ABRAMS is turning heads!.  Also on the drawing boards, US Prototypes, Leopards, and many HL conversions.

Static model side of our site AKA AMPS (Armor Modelers and Preservation Society) AZ still lives.  Watch for growth in 2015.

Scott Martin and minion Craig III have joined the Allied cause with abandon.  JUMBO 2 in progress!

Funny how we all run out of money before we run out of ideas.



DESERT ARMOR Korps Leads....

Jacques Mequet Littlefield
1949- 2009
3-28-2015 Bridge at Remagen. 15 Tanker and guests made the meet with traveling from Colorado, California and Lake Havasu Az.

2-21-15 SANDS of IWO JIMA Anniversary event, wade ashore and take that island!

1-10-2015 DAK battle and 9th anniversary of club Field.  70th anniveersay of the battle of the bulge was a max effort club event

11-15-2014 Dak battleday “tanks giving”

11-1-2014 Modelzona 2014

10-18-2014 season opener

2-14-14 Valentines day battle!

1-18-14 New Years Day BAttle

12-7-13 DAK THE HALLS 2014



8-14 to 8-17 2013 IPMS NAtionals in Denver Colorado  (Loveland)

7-13-2013 DAK offsite event in Tucson.  We take over the mall!

7-8-2013 DAK visits new LA TANKS club in SoCal.

4-27-13  Night battle

3-30-13  Battle Day

2-23-13  AHMTA DAK Demo at Mil Vehicle Show.

2-16-2013  DAK BATTLE

12-29-2012 DAK Battle at the home field in Phoenix.

12-16-2012 ATAC BATTLE IN SAN DIEGO area.

11-17-2012  BATTLEDAY

11-17, 2012 Next Tamiya Tank, JS-2

11-3-2012  Modelzona


July 14 2012 Battleday in Tucson

May 19. 2012 Home field Battleday

April 21, 2012 Home turf BATTLE

March 3, 2012 battle day!!

Jan 28, 2012  Battleday!

Dec 17 Battle at club field in Phoenix.

Nov 12 Battle at club field in Phoenix

Nov 5 2011 Modelzona

Oct 1 2011 Season opener. Largest crowd ever!

JUne 25, 2011  OFF SITE event in Tucson.

April 23, 3011.  Battleday at club field in Phoenix!

March 12, 2011  DAK battle at home field in Phoenix.  Largest attendance yet!

Feb 28, 2011 The last US Serviceman to serve in WWI has past away at 110.

Feb 20. 2011  SCAT Battle postponed--Rain

Jan 15, 2011, Winter battle in PHX.  First event of 2011 and the Allies make a comeback!

Nov 20 2010 “Tanks-Giving” at the home field in Phoenix. New Urban battlefield segment unveiled. 

October 9, 2010.  DAK hosts the 2010-2011 season opener.

Sept 19, 2010 DAK travels to SCAT

Sept 15, 2010, Tamiya announces newest 1/16 releases, m51 Isherman and static Leopard 1A4.

August 22, 2010 Original DAK Member, Doug Sharpe, loses battle with Cancer.

August 4-7.  DAK leaders staff the 2010 IPMS Nationals in Phoenix.  Some of the best armor models you will see anywhere.

July 10, Trip to DAK’s Southern front in Tucson, AZ was very successful.  Competition Hobbies venue was superb and we will definitely make it a summer staple.

April 24, 2010  DAK makes the drive to SCAT HQ and takes them on in fierce battle.  New Vehicles, new members, and fun in the sun.  6 DAK members in attendance, we are now mobile!

April 10, 2010  First event after our whirlwind recruiting drive and early results are good.  Several new faces and a great turnout for the battle!  Can we say new blood!

MArch 12-14 2010,  DAK invited to Electric Flight EXPO trade show at the Phoenix Cardinals Stadium!  Basically our next tank battle will be in a pro football stadium.

Feb 20, 2010 battleday.  Lots of weather, but lots of fun.  Discussed next meeting and a trip to Tucson for July 10.

Jan 30  DAK attends AMPS-AZ show at the PAPAGO armory.  Some awards, and good times roll-on!  Date set for DAK FEB 20th battle.  Theme is “From Russia, With Love”

Jan 9, 2010 DAK BAttleday.  Group build and several new vehicles hit the field!

Jan 6 2010,  DAK meeting of sorts to work out group build issues for Battleday.  A group plans to go to SoCal for SCAT on the 23rd.

Nov 14 2009,  DAK attends IPMS Modelzona and collects awards for our tanks and figures.  

Nov. 10 2009.  DAK co returns from the Gulf Coast with several new features for the Walk Arounds.

Oct 29.  MAto Sherman arrive to mixed reviews.  Many components slightly out of scale and articulating suspension not as functional as all had hoped.  Can we say Aftermarket?  Still, it is a step in the right direction foe us Allied guys.

Oct 10 2009 DAK club Battle.  Good turnout, beautiful weahther and bar-b-que, what else could be better?

October 9,  DAK group build revealed.  Bastogne Shermans

Sept 28 KV-2 released, check Tamiya site.

September 5  DAK has a few new projects underway: Easy Eight, 75mm Rotor Shields, Schumo resin 105 parts, and the next Battle day- October 10!  Check out the picks of our custom Painted tanks and help us spread the news of our new service!

June 7, 2009 We join SCAT in battle once again at their field in Alto Loma Ca.  50 tanks and 25 commanders on the field.  We got glimpses of the new KV-1 from HL and a Tamiya PZ IV finally.  Ron Bair once again pleased the crowd with his scratch-building prowess.

May 18, Welcome Detroit Tank Command!  New club to the RC Tank family.  We hope to provide them any info and help we can!

May 15, Future is bright in the R/C tank land!  Heng Long KV-1 and Mato Shermans are near, and the Tamiya KV-1 will have a big brother KV-2 shortly.  Check out the YOUTUBE video of the KV!

May 2 2009.  Night battle in the books and once again quite the show.  We had 30 tanks and some rookies out and about running ragged.  The field has new rivers and terrain and has become a very technical course that test driving skill and the wits of the drivers.

March 21,  Attended Luke Days 2009, enjoyed the weather and the scenery!

March 18, 2009 Tamiya announces their new tank, a KV-1 1940!!!  Tamiya copies Heng Long again!!!

March 7, 2009  Battleday successful, good crowd and good peeps on hand for the fun.  New tanks, and tank deals helped us grow this hobby.

March 1 Heng Long KV1 announced for later this month, there goes the wallet.

Feb 8 2009  1/16 M4A1 and M16 Halftrack debut at Neuremberg toy show!

Feb 4, 2209.  Richard Merrill’s Tiger 142 build page added.

Feb 1 2009  Next event scheduled for March 7, 2009

Jan 31, 2009  Battleday success. 20+ attendees and lots o’tanking.

Jan 12, 2009  Mato toys has announced a new 1/16 scale VVSS Sherman M4A1.  This will be the first production R/C Sherman with the more prolific early suspension more common to the type.  I need at least 3.

Jan 7 2009  Jacques Littlefield, the original armor collector and patron of the Rc tank community, lost his battle with cancer.  He will be missed.

December 15, 2008  Next battleday announced for Jan 31, 2009.

December 6 2008.  Battleday in Phoenix with good friends and some new events no one has seen before.

December 3 2008,  It is time to discuss methods for transporting R/C tanks.  Coming soon, a new page to demonstrate methods and means to move these beasts.

November 17, 2008  Revamped painting and weathering page now up and running.

November 15, 2008 MODELZONA hosted by IPMS Phoenix.  Lots of armor and the like for a good time and good  competition.

November 4, 2008  DAK Quatermaster page is here!  At long last a classified page for selling or trading tank parts.  Send me info on your items for sale and hold on!

October 29, 2008.  Next DAK battle tentatively scheduled for December 6, 2008.

October 25  DAK battleday in Phx

October 12  Battleday in SoCal.  Nice turnout and fierce battles.

September 15  FOV 1/16 Scale VVSS Sherman arrives.  Time to break out the resin! 

July 19 SCAT battle in SoCal.
Great weather and battles oh yes.  20 plus in attendance and a few new vehicles hit the field!

May 31 DAK battle in PHX huge success and turnout made it a DAK best.  We continue to grow and add new technologies to the field of battle.  

May 15 Welcome back Kelly’s Heroes RC club from NoCal.  Link added to their site.

MAy 15 Pz IV pics revealed from Tamiya.  Photos from Japan courtesy Darrin H of SCAT.

MAy 3 New battlefield elements under construction.  First up tank traps and obstacles followed by new buildings and bridges.

April 19-20 DAK Attends RCXPO in SoCal to promote the hobby.  Tamiya confirms release of new 1/16 F/O Pz IV ausf J kit in June July.

April 12 2008  DAK battleday at Grapentine field.  21 Tanks left numerous tracks on the field.  Great day and we plan ahead to RC expo in SOCAL next week.
Mar, 24 Craig Pierce has posted his figure painting guide using watercolors and acrylics.  

Jan 10, 2008  Heng long announces PZIV in Ausf D configuration with short L24 barrel.  Sweet.

Jan 5, 2008  FEB 9 Battleday Confirmed.

Dec29  BATTLE!! 22 Tanks, 15 Tankers.  Not bad for a Holiday weekend.

December 24, Merry Christmas Y’all.  New Page as you can tell.

Nov 24 2007 New Software upgrade and site overhaul continues.  If you notice any obvious errors please send me an email.

Nov 22 Added “In The Mood” Project page and Isle of Wight Tank Museum Pics to the Walkarounds.

Nov 13  Its official! SAT DEC 29 will be the next Battleday.  See battlefield page for more details.

Nov 10, 2007  DAK and AMPS-AZ attend Modlezona in PHX and win several awards.

Nov 3 Just received Nick Aquilar’s new cast hull for the Tamiya Sherman.  Great quality casting with accurate texture and detail.  The hatches and fenders all have the same level of detail and quality that is found on his T-23 turret.  I will enjoy tackling an M4A1 project!

Oct 27 DAK Battleday a success.  16 working tanks on the field and new DAK members to boot.   Not bad considering we have quadrupled our membership in a year.
Sept 20, Major overhaul of DAK site.  New pages under construction for kit reviews, tech help and finishing ideas. If there is something you want to know, just ask the experts...

Sept 13 New Tamiya Kit!  1/16 JagdPanther due out this winter!

August 25 SCAT battleday in SoCal. A few new vehicles made their debut.

August 23.  DAK is now associated with the AMPS (Armor Modeling and Preservation Society) and plans to be Phoenix Chapter.  More to follow.

August 22-25 IPMS nationals in Aneheim.  Great Armor turnout and inspiration on those tables.

August 7.  Tony Mera has offered his Jagdpanzer 4 L70 for sale.  Contact him for more info.

June 22-23 DAK boys attend IPMS Modelzona.  USMC Sherman wins a bronze medal.  Co founder Craig Pierce earns 5 different awards for his work.

June 3 Battle day successful.  See the battleday page for pics.

May 22 PanzerJagev IV L70 Project page added.  Thanks to Tony Mera.

May 18  Doug Sharpe’s PzIII 
F/O build page added.    

May 5,  Kasserine pass portion of DAK battlefield complete.  Several new features should be ready for June 2.  Panzer III and Panzer IV sightings at work day!

April 20, New member Kevin Wenker has his first tank, Tamiya KT with metal track.

March 25, 2007  DAK attends SCAT battleday.  20+ tankers and many new projects hit the field.

March 16, 2007 How to paint the TBU page added. 

Jan 28, 2007 SCAT battleday in San Bernadino.  Great weather and turnout.  Many new and exotic AFVs made an appearance.  Check out R/C gallery for some of the truly unique vehicles.

Jan 20, 2007.  DAK battleday at new site.  The field is shaping up and new club banner and club apparel revealed. 

Jan 9 2007, Spektrum radio user guide added to the Radio Room.  Doug Sharpe has made progress on taming this complex radio.

Jan 2 2007, Battlefield ground work begins.   

Oct 26 We have battlefield! New location has been scouted near 19th Ave and Greenway.  Check the Battlefield page for more updates. 
Oct 22 DAK attends SCAT battleday in SoCal.  DAK Tiger and USMC Sherman engaged in vicious combat with the SCAT hordes!

Oct 21 DAK attends local IPMS-PHX model contest and racks up awards and new members!!!

Oct 14. 2006 First DAK club meeting and battleday.  Six members and 8 tanks in attendance.

Aug 30 New video added to DAK site.  It is from Tamiyacon 2006.

Aug 27 DAK attended SCAT battleday.  DAK Tiger and T34/76 wowed many in their debut.

Aug 16 My Easy Eight Sherman featured as Tank of the Month on R/C Tank HQ site.

Aug 2-5 2006 IPMS Nationals in KC.  

4-9-06 DAK formed while driving back to PHX from Tamiyacon 2006.  Founding members are Ethan Dunsford and Craig Pierce.


After a long road we still find ourselves tanking in the classic style.  Good friends, good stories, good barbque, and help when we need it.  Thanks to the Grapentine’s for the loaner field and thanks to all the people who have made us a good destination.