In Memory Of Douglas Sharpe


Doug Sharpe, one of the original members of DAK, passed away August 22nd, 2010 from complications associated with Cancer.

On the battlefield, Doug was a crafty opponent who never forgot that the concept of the club was really friendship.  He was one of our founders and helped us create an atmosphere that allowed us to grow and expand.  He made long trips to California, he helped us dig up the rock garden that became our field, transported our buildings and props, and showed us how to use our radios.  

Doug was a fighter and had survived 4 previous treatments.  His defining characteristic was the adversity of his treatments never kept him down for long.  Even after surgery he would attend our events and contribute.  We will never know anyone as kind hearted and dedicated to his passions as Doug Sharpe.  

Ethan Dunsford



DAK loses a founder, and a good friend.

Doug Sharpe 1954-2010