IN Örjan’S own words:

      “it’s a really cool site you’ve got, that D.A.K.-site! There are some really marvelous projects presented and really awesome models on display.

In fact, it inspired me into building my Tamiya R/C-Tiger into a Tunisian one, painted in an olive-green hue as they apparently were.

    They’ll probably need an extra coat of paint or two, to create a paler hue mimicking an olive-green paint-job!

I’ve chosen a tank from the 2nd company, 501st regiment as role model since its turret matches that supplied with the Tamiya kit.

    Also, by chosing a tank from the 2nd company provides a little bit challenge since they stored their spare track-shoes differnetly from other companies. 

    In August 1942, the first Tiger I tanks to be issued for combat were assigned to Heavy Panzer Battalion 502, first Company, on the Leningrad front.  Additional Tigers were dispatched to Tunisia in November 1942 with 501st Battalion.  When met on the battlefield for the first time, their legend was born.”



 A TIGER in Tunisia

    DAK’s website is nitced around the world and the proof lies in this new project.  Örjan Bergstedt from Solna,

Sweden emailied me beginning of is latest effort.  His enthusiasm for the North African campaign has manifested in a desire to depict one of the initial production Tigers that fought in Tunisia.   He also has picked a version of the much debated paint scheme that the DAK co loves, overall Olive Green drab!