m-50 Isherman
Sherman how to

Desert Warrior


WWii AND KOREA WAS JUST THE BEGINNING FOR THE SHERMAN.  VARIANTS SERVED IN More than 30 ARMIES AROUND THE WORLD AND SAW SERVICE well INTO THE 1990S.  the Israel Defense Forces Began modifying several variants into HVSS equipped, 75mm cannon armed M50 using a french designed 75mm gun based on the ww2 german panther Cannon. It was fitted to the turret with the addition of a larger front mantlet and a expanded counterweight in the turret rear. m-50s defeated soviet T-34, t-55, and Other SHerman variants. and in direct confrontations.  Re-engineed with a cummins diesel engine and modified to fit the LARGER cannon, the Isherman is very distinctive.

My project is the natural progression of a happy accident.  The basis is an old clutch steer sherman found on craig’s list with the conversion already 75% done. I happened to have Super Sherman TAmiya guts and  the Discovery of 3-d printed parts, now all I need is Time!