m-51 Isherman
Sherman how to

Desert Warrior


WWii AND KOREA WAS JUST THE BEGINNING FOR THE SHERMAN.  VARIANTS SERVED IN More than 30 ARMIES AROUND THE WORLD AND SAW SERVICE well INTO THE 1990S.  The PInnacle of sherman engineering can be seen the the m-51 used by the Israel Defense Forces in the 1967 and 1973 wars.  HVSS equipped, 105mm cannon armed m-51s defeated soviet t-55 and t-62s in direct confrontations.  Re-engineed with a cummins diesel engine and modified to fit the huge cannon, the Isherman is very distinctive and should find new opponents in the hooben T-55.

My project is the natural progression of the Mato sherman release, what to do with the junked Tamiya hvss suspension units, mato cast hulls and cut apart t-23 turrets?  Tamiya’s offering came about over a year in to the project and provided the solution for my turret and gun.  If you build it, they will make a kit.............