Bigger and badder.  An out-gowth of the KV-1 design, the JS series tanks were also developed as tank destroyers and assault guns.  The big daddy of them all was the ISU-152 with a 152mm Gun and the nickname “animal killer”.  Based on the Js Chassis, the vehicle was used in dual purpose anti-tank and anti-Bunker missions and tended to operate behind the Assault waves of JS-2 series tanks.  Production continued till 1947 and this vehicle served various militaries into the 1970’s.

Russian Heavy metal



Profiline offers a 1/16 resin conversion kit originally intended for Heng Long KV kits.  Loyal DAK member Duane from Tucson wants his Russian heavy collection to be unmatched so for a few favors he conned the DAK co into making the conversion for him. 

The Parts are well cast and very robust.  The model kit upper hull will need to be modified to accept the large 85mm turret and related hardware.  Time to grab the old razor saw and start sawing and grinding. 

the Profiline conversion has no printed instructions but they do include PDF and Jpeg instructions along with photos of a completed example for reference.

I decided to start with the rear hull mods as the kv -85 had a different engine compartment.  The mod required cutting the upper hull along the panel line on the Tamiya kit and assembling the new resin hull extensions.  Only problem is a slight bowing of the assembly that I must attribute to the difference in the tamiya and heng long parts.  Some of the rivet detail on the fenders is lost during the surgery but the added fuel tanks should obscure any obvious problems.

The engine deck fit into the new assembly well and now comes the turret surgery.  First step for me is relocating the turret ring.  the actual vehicle did relocate the turret forward and in 1/16 scale that equals about 13 mm.  the kv-1 hull is made up of many flat areas and this allowed my razor saw fairly easy access to the stepped ring.  The profiline turret should mount flush to the upper hull and the now surplus ring will be discarded.

I will be using a Henglong StyLE traverse setup.  The actual device came fRom the 21st Century toys RC PZ IV.  It fit perfectly to the bottom of the resin turret basket of the KV 85 top.

Tamiya Pershing recoil