Leopard AS1 “Aussie”

Digger Armor from Down under


The royal australian armor corps chose in 1972 to replace their venerable centurions with a version of the Leopard 1a3 modified to Royal Australian Armor corps specifications.  The choice  reflected the need for a modern, mobile AFV that could be adapted to the Australian climate and transported wherever the vehicle was assigned.

In 2006 the fleet was retired and 59 new m1a1 Abrams main battle tanks were acquired from the u.s. to Fill the requirement of a Modern mbt to operate in hotspots wherever needed.

Tamiya has re-issued their leopard 1a4 as a static kit with a few updates to allow many of their stock f/o parts to “drop in”.  I Will MIX Panther gearboxes and JAGDPANTHER electronics with servo elevation and UPGRADED TAMIYA traverse.  2015-6 will be the “Modern” era for many as the t55s, TYPE 10s, Abrams, and a few new vehicles reach the market.