Tank Destroyer

    There are Tanks and there are Tank Destroyers.  Early WW2 US Army planners believed that tanks would support Infantry and not engage enemy armor.  Specialized vehicles with heavier guns, higher speed and lighter armor would engage enemy tanks.  Hindsight shows that developing a “battle tank” might have reduced tank crew casualties and allowed the Allied armor units to exploit the industrial superiority US industry provided the Allied naval and air forces.        

    The M18 was a new design with torsion bar suspension, small track, and the same radaial engine as M4/M4A1 Shermans. Equipped with a high velocity 76mm gun the M18 had 1/4 inch steel armor and a top speed nearing 60mph.  Making it the fastest AFV of the War.  In several engagements with Panther tanks, the M18 turned the tide of battle in France and during the battle of the bulge.

This project will include a scratch-built hull and turret, Custom aluminum turned barrel, scratch  built engine deck, exhaust, and air cleaner.    Tamiya MFU/DMD and battle system.  Metal PZ IV tracks and a laser cut sprocket.  Lots of elbow grease and a little luck. Good thing there is a real local one for reference!!!