m18 HellcAT
Tank Destroyer

WW2 US Army doctrine believed that tanks would support the Infantry and not engage enemy armor.  Specialized high speed vehicles with heavier guns and lighter armor would engage enemy tanks.  They would essentially be mobile artillery. The T70 prototype led to an all new vehicle with torsion bar suspension, Wright 975 motor, 76mm gun, and open top turret.

The project began as an HL Pershing with much surgery to the lower hull and includes a scratch-built upper hull and turret.  76mm barrel includes emitter.  It uses Tamiya M4 Sherman MFU/DMD and battle system for the full option arrangement

Obviously the PZ IV track isn’t correct but it is a reasonable facsimile for our purposes.  I plan to include a tarp to hide the internal turret components to make it full option/ battle ready.  The mantlet must be scratch-built and adjustments made to the recoil mechanism so it will fit in the turret.  This will take time.