m1a2 SEP TUSK 2010
ABRAMs how to
by Ho-Tam-Chum
(hobby Engine-Tamiya-Chum Wei)

The war in Iraq has proven the m1a1/a2 Abrams Main Battle TaNK is still a crucial part of any military force likely to be fielded by the us military.  Fast, heavily armed, and bristling with the latest technology, the tank still has vulnerabilities in and urban environment.

THIS project is the modification of a hobby engine 1/16 M1A2 abrams using Tamiya Leopard 2a6 components, Metal Chung Wei parts, scratch-building, and a little ingenuity.  The kit arrived in DAK hands with Leopard electronics, tracks, and battle system, combined with aN AFV model (germany) torsion bar suspension.  The DAK secret projects team has kit-bashed a new Leo kit to finish the critical components and WE WILL ADD our OWN scratch built tusk additions.

Keep on the lookout for CS/AMM .50 cal.  Crows weapons station,  Reactive armor, new air cleaner unit, under-armor APU, and other URBAN additions.  HOOAH