Sherman how to

There are Tanks and there are Tank Destroyers.  WW2 US Army doctrine believed that tanks would support the Infantry and not engage enemy armor.  Specialized vehicles with heavier guns and lighter armor would engage enemy tanks.  Hindsight shows that developing a “battle tank” might have reduced tank crew casualties and allowed the Allied armor units to exploit the industrial superiority US industry provided the Allied naval and air forces.        

    The M36 was a follow on vehicle to the M10 and featured a more powerful 90mm gun.  A re designed turret of cast steel better balanced the gun carriage and was a significant improvement. Built on Ford GAA style, M10A1 chassis, the rush to incorporate these vehicles in Northern Europe exhausted stock of the hulls and 136 were also constructed on M4A3 hulls (M36B1).  This is the version of the vehicle DAK has already fielded am I intend to build as it used the Ford GAA gasoline engine and will match the Pershing DMD/MFU sounds. 

Once the 90mm gun of the M36 was used in combat, there was never enough to meet demand.

I plan to include the late war sheet metal top armor or a tarp to hide the internal turret components to make it full option/ battle ready.  Nick Aquilar has provided the exquisite turret.