M-4a3 “Deja-Vu”
Sherman how to

My previous M4A3(w)75 VVSS Build was both enjoyable and rewarding.  It took Far longer than I hoped to get running but and Now it is my favorite vehicle (so far).  At the Feb, 2010 battle other club members helped me get it running and admired it from opposing lines.  as a matter of fact, I have been commissioned to build a similar version.  I have many of the templates and parts ready to go, including our custom 75 mm turret parts, this should be fairly straight forward build. 

What is needed: 

MAto M4a1 for VVSS

Tamiya Kit parts for upper/ lower hull and turret

Tamiya Pershing electronics, recoil, and BAttle system.

Custom Dak 75mm Rotor Shield and Mantlet

Custom Back plate and Engine Deck.

Nick Aguilar Armored Transmission Cover and Air box

Spares box and Styrene

Building a Sherman for one of the Club