M-4 HVSS “Deja-Vu 2”
Sherman how to

Once again my fellow club member wanted a custom Sherman .  He Wanted the Radial engine Noise and HVSS.  I borrowed from Steve Zaloga’s Similar build and Voila, Deja -Vu all over again.  The story goes the US Army did build a number of Fireflys near the wars end but records of combat are scarce.

What is needed: 

Tamiya Kit parts for upper/ lower hull and turret

Tamiya SHERMAN ELECTRONICS, and BAttle system.

Custom Dak 75mm Rotor Shield and Mantlet

Custom ARMORED TURRET EXTENSion and Radio box.

TAMIYA FIREFLY 17pdr barrel.

Spares box and Styrene

2011 Foot note, Tank is back in service and Back on the field.  New ownership, and a decent refurb has made the tank a fighter and an allied to make us proud!

Building aNOTHER M4 VARIANT for one of the Club