Craig Pierce, Jeff Ousley, and Ethan Dunsford are trying to jointly enter the T34 conversion community with this SU-85 project.  Using the Imperial conversion kit as a base, we will combine Trumpeter, WSN and scratch-built T34 components in the true Desert Armor Korps style.
The fielding of new-generation German vehicles such as the MK V and MK VI meant that the Red Army required a more powerful antitank gun. The SU-85 was a modification of the earlier SU-122 assault gun, essentially replacing the SU-122's 122 mm howitzer with a D-5T high-velocity 85 mm antitank gun. The 85 mm gun could penetrate the side armor of a Panther or Tiger at long range, and do so from a small, highly mobile vehicle with all-around armor protection.
Soviet SU-85