Sherman how to

Where the Jumbo began

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I am always interested in the lineage of The Sherman tank and the development that went into its final versions on the battlefield.  As I explored in the T23 project, the Elements of what was eventually fielded as the JUMBO were the Best components of an abandoned heavy tank design concept.  The t14 was a Joint venture between the british and americans to develop a heavy assault tank to lead armored formations and provide the “fist” in armored and infantry attacks.  The british ordered 8500 examples off the drawing board but only two were completed before the project was canceled.  Its long gestation allowed other designs to adapt to the role and eventually it was obsolete by 1944.  Key elements are the m34 mantlet used in the design, 75mm turret with thick cast armor, sloped armor on all flanks and many components similar to the sherman.  My only “tweak” will be to use aN HVSS setup as I continue to modify my legacy sherman.