T26E3 Pershing
Allied how to


I have often boasted of my T34/76 and Sherman projects with regards to the extensive conversions I have done yet I overlook how well my stock Pershing runs when ever I need it to.  It is reliable and only needed the BYA idler upgrade the suspension to make it run as smooth as I wanted.   My only complaint is the post war features and the fact I have lost two travel locks in battle. 

    It is named “Buck” after the horse of one of the TV anchors I worked with.  I let her name the tank for fun  (yes, she was gorgeous) and it needed a western theme as I paid for it with the overtime I made covering the Phoenix suns in the NBA playoffs in Dallas.  It was the second vehicle I built and was primarily purchased to have a opposing force to play with my Sherman.  You have to have two tanks so they can fight!!!!!

    This Vehicle is made to represent a late war Pershing circa the Remagen crossing.  It was traded to Duane for a Panther and is now owned by Jeff.   Some tanks just get around.