Even after the arrival of the T26E3 Pershing onto European Battlefields, US tankers were still suffering casualties at the hands of German Tigers.  Though the German heavies were much rarer in early 1945, a true Tiger Killer was sought after and one such endeavor was an up-gunned Pershing.

Testing began on the 1st pilot vehicle with the longer barreled 90mm gun and results were promising.  Shock absorbers were attached to the mantlet and a counter balance added to the rear of the turret.

Once in Germany, 3rd AD field repair crews wanted to toughen it up a bit and added 7 tons of frontal armor to the hull and turret.  Side skirts were trimmed front and back to save weight and extra stowage was added to the rear.  Of note, as it was built from the Pershing pilot vehicle, it retained the split loader’s hatch rather than the newer 24 inch oval hatch.  The large steel plate added to the mantlet was cut from a wrecked Panther glacis. 

The efforts paid off as this tank faced a King Tiger head to head, and won.