Last Chance for the Rising Sun

I wanted to build something completely different and after the USMC Sherman project I thought, “why not a Japanese tank?”  Finemolds released this kit in 1/35 scale a few years back and I thought this would work as a base for scale.  The clincher was the fact it was designed to counter the Sherman tank.  What other vehicle can really say that?   

The Type 3 was based on the earlier Type 97.  A new Turret mounting a 75mm anti tank gun gave the vehicle good firepower compared to the previous 47mm armed tanks.  60 examples were built to defend homeland Japan in 1945. 

This project has changed hands twice.  The second owner wanted to make it as accurate as possible but ran into time issues.  Owner three hopes to take it home!

Reference pics are for discussion only.


Japanese Type 3 Medium Tank