DAK Group Build:

Bastogne Shermans


I know the first thing you think of with Desert Armor Korps is Winter Scheme tanks but we have a hankering to do some Battle of the Bulge style armor for a while now.  As a group we decided to make a series of M4A3 75mm tanks from one unit.  Official club painter and fashion coordinator Craig Pierce will handle the airbrush duties as he has a few ideas how to make these vehicles really stand out!  So far we have a Platoon in progress and prospects of an entire Company.  Six club tankers are committed, or at least involved....

For Historical accuracy, we will also be marking our vehicles for the 37th Armor Battalion, 4th Armored Division.  Company “C” was the first unit to relieve the 101st Airborne as the spearhead of the Patton’s third Army.  A few other vehicles will join the build later but for now, all are M4A3s.